The biggest blessing I experience during 2020 was getting accepted into Project Hope. This blessing paved the way to many new beginnings for Giovanni and I. It’s my biggest blessing because it’s allowed me to find myself again and start learning how to be a Mom.  My spot in the program has given me so much peace and stability within myself and in our life. My son and I have had time to truly bond, build a routine, and turn our apartment into a home. My mind is more clear and I’m the most focused I’ve been in a long time when it comes to my priorities. I can actually see a future for us and I’m beyond thankful for getting a chance to rebuild myself and our life at Project Hope. Id also like to say its a HUGE blessing that my family and I still all have our health after Covid-19. A lot of people cannot say the same and It’s important to realize how fortunate we are. Other blessings I’ve experienced was taking my son to the beach and zoo for the first time, my dad fully recovering from knee surgery, and just making it to see another year in general, I feel beyond blessed.  
The biggest lesson I’m taking away from 2020 is that you can find so much strength and love in Him and through Him. Accepting Jesus Christ into my life during 2020 has made me a believer In a true higher power, God. I use to find comfort in other things, things that weren’t meant for me or that the devil put in place to distract me but now I find myself being comforted by prayer and comforted by knowing that although I can’t see him I know his presence and I welcome him to walk beside me. Other lessons 2020 has taught me is to not take for granted the time we are gifted on this Earth and that in order to grow, better yet, blossom you have to invite change into your life no matter how uncomfortable it may make you. Change can be sooo good !
2020 is a year I will never forgot. Thank you Project Hope for changing my life in more ways than one. 
Danielle 🙂